Time IS Money….Right?

Time is money…RIGHT? Can you recite an “elevator speech” 100 times an hour….be in MANY locations at the same time…..and do it face to face WITH pictures…in your own voice?
Well…….we can HELP you do that…..and for barely $300-$500/30 sec presentation.
Check out this ribbon cutting coverage ( shot in 1080 HD…for fone/tablet/computer OR HD TV).

Think beyond PowerPoint presentations….we are talking High Def capable, brilliant color, TV  commercial quality transitions and sound tracks.  Our presentations are shot in 1080 P MINIMUM with separate audio tracks and rendered in ProShow Producer ( just to start).




Minds-i Fine Art Photography for sale thru Fine Art America


While Marcia & I are re-organizing our Fine Art Gallery Collections (www.minds-iGallery.com) we are adding a smaller collection of images for sale thru Fine Art America!

here is my Fine Art America-Shane Immelt gallery 

or you can just visit the main sight & Search” for either my profile or name. As of the 20th of November 2013, we had 25 images posted (but this is just a tenth of our collection) so keep checking in.

Images are available in a myriad of sizes and paper styles, canvas, metal prints and greeting/note cards. We’d love to hear your feed back and requests for specific types of images and how you feel the pricing is placed.

Hopefully by 2014 we’ll have our OWN full gallery open with payment processing and custom processing.


Looking forward to hearing from you all!!

Shane & Marcia!


Minds-i reaches for the sky(s)…….

Minds-i has slowly been relearning how to recoup a loss of market share in the photography business.

When we lost our studio….a large portion of my confidence went with it, I (we) loved doing indoor studio pictures of students & family members. But….society has changed how it perceives photographs. So…….it took us a while to adjust.




Along with onsite portraiture, business portraits & event photography  we now have added low-altitude* aerial imagery. We have the capabilities to shoot high def video (up to 4.7K cine class vid. ) as well as stills.  New equipment will be added as we grow….hope to hear from you soon.

Triangle Art from Lyman Whitaker  (click here for YouTube video)

Phantom of the Bluffs (video sample)



Connections, Locations & friends

Last nite, Marcia & I had the pleasure of attending (and photographing-of course) the Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce -  2013 “Silent Auction & Banquet”.

Now…..while we got to scurry around and set up lights to properly record the events after the banquet we also got to meet and mingle lots of people from our fine city of Liberty. Politicians, city managers, large grocery store chain managers, law-enforcement personnel  etc….all the people a good Chamber of Commerce(like Liberty) needs invested to make it all worth while. PLUS…in between the fund-raising events, grip & grin photos and the upcoming main event itself…..we were fed a lovely meal.

The chamber hold this event each year with the goal of raising scholarship funds for worthy Liberty Area school students….. what could be more worthy than education?

How could this go wrong? Well…..it didn’t!

as usual I over pack and bring MORE lights than one could possibly need to illuminate a darkish ballroom – 150 x 300 ft x 12 ft tall (but…if ONE light failed I was ready…so…3 outta 6 sufficed!!)  (Check out some pix from last years event until I post the 2013 images)

2012 LACOC Banquet

(Though …I really Do want to update my IR linked strobes with something more high tech like Pocket-Wizards Canon Mini-TT1  & Flex TT-5 so I can work unrestricted inside & out instead of line-of-sight!  (This allows some GREAT effects outside yielding some stunning portraits unlike the newbies around this area have ever seen.

Of course…some day I’ll upgrade to a Canon 5D-mk iii (vs my poor old 5D) which barely even NEEDS lights with it’s impressive noise control & high ISO ranges. Yeesshh……

ANYway…..get involved in your local Chamber….you’ll be glad you did!

Are we there yet?…….

A month ago we announced we were downsizing……DOWNSIZING!  Not Quitting!

Economics……public perception of how photography is used & seen……peoples tastes…and again…”The Economy” has forced us to realize that our current space (as wonderful as it is) is TOO large to maintain  are a killer.

So….we’ve been searching for a new place to call home…..in Liberty predominantly…..perhaps Gladstone or in the 3-5 mile radius around our current place.

And we’re STILL looking!!!  There are some grand places…but…once again…it’s “All about the Money”. (Yes….like our clients….we hear you!)

But….you Do get what you pay for. So….if you,,,our faithful clients, customers and friends…have knowledge of ANY properties…1200-2000 sq ft with 9 ft ceiling and minimal walls…..that isn’t an arm/leg & 8 fingers to heat & cool…..Speak Up!

I bet we’ve looked at it already!

and to the fine folks @ RED Development…”ANSWER YOUR PHONE/e-mails!”

we’ve already checked on:

  • curryre.com
  • Star Development
  • Reece Commercial
  • True North
  • Zimmer
  • Hutchings & Carrier
  • Perry Group


Art(s) & Perception!

The Arts!

Is it really about what you see/hear/feel…………or is it more?

I’ve always been one to “see” an image when out scouting for something to photograph. It’s a combination of what is real (before my lens) PLUS…..”more” …details deep inside my mind.  When I get home with the image and it’s opening in my computer…….. start “Developing” the image in Photoshop……but……”more details” come to me….so….more development. Then….I look at the image as a whole and “crop” the image to gain more of what I intended to share with my gallery. People will look at the image…and sometimes…see things I totally did NOT “See”.

Everyone has a different outlook on what is put before them.

Case in point::    I found a YouTube clip from “Open Culture” about the opening chord of the Beatles song “Hard Days Nite”….breaking it down……component for component.

Give it a listen: Opening Chord-Hard Days Nite

Art world as seen through the eyes of a weary artist

My wife found this post by another artist “Munks” about the new trend of patrons visiting the myriad of art shows these days.


It’s scarey…..visceral and at times….”Right on target”

Granted…not ALL my patrons are like this…but, there are times as I sit in my chair…nodding….watching….waiting for a hint of question about my work….listening to comments among friends about my works that I find myself whole heartedly agreeing.

Read….and see what you think too.

Embrace Me